Parent support for the holidays

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ockdown has seen people increase their time spent online with stats showing;

Almost all 8-15 year olds using at least one social networking site. 

46% increase in gaming,

17% increase in mobile gaming

Increase of 84% of people installing apps

For many reasons young people have chosen online play during lockdown, with home schooling finished for the summer but another 6 weeks to go until schools open, the rise in online gaming will continue.

In addition many places available during holidays are still unavailable so many parents are balancing childcare and working without the additional support they usually receive.  This provides many parents with a headache as they battle to maintain the balance between trying to get everything done and not allowing their children to spend all their time online.

To help YGAM Parents are posting helpful hits and tips on their Instagram page to provide different ideas of activities their children can all participate in, providing them with time away from their devices.  We are keen to encourage parents to share their ideas to show encouragement and support to other parents during this difficult time.

To join in post your ideas on Instagram using the hashtag #ygamsummer

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