About YGAM and The Parent Hub

Who are YGAM?

The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) is a national charity with a social purpose to inform, educate and safeguard young and vulnerable people, helping them build resilience and understand the potential harms caused by gaming and gambling.

This is achieved through evidence-led, evaluated and accredited education programmes and resources for anyone who works with or cares for young and vulnerable people, including teachers, youth workers, community volunteers and mental health specialists. YGAM also works closely with universities and students to raise awareness of gambling and gaming related harms.

The charity was set up in 2014, following Lee, Anne and Keith’s devastating experiences with gambling.  Watch our Founders’ Stories to learn about the impact gambling had on their lives and why they are so passionate about safeguarding young and vulnerable people.  

The Parent Hub

Parents can often feel overwhelmed in a world of constantly advancing technology and YGAM is keen to provide simple, usable resources to help parents have honest and open conversations with their children around the topics of gaming and gambling. In keeping with its social purpose, the YGAM Parent Hub is looking to: Inform parents of the potential harms their children can experience through gaming and gambling; Educate parents around gaming and gambling, including the blurred lines between the two activities, microtransactions and advertising; and helping parents Safeguard their children will online safety settings and advice on how to have conversations with your children, how to spot the signs of harm and where to get help. These resources have been developed after listening to the views of young people and their parents.

What We Offer

Information & Support for Primary-Aged Children

To support parents and carers around online play, we have developed a hub of informative resources. Explore online gaming and why your children engage with gaming, the link between microtransactions and gambling, how your children are exposed to gambling, identify the related harms and set boundaries.

Information & Support for Secondary Ages 11-14

Children are growing up in a digital world and are able to navigate the internet with ease. Explore online gaming, microtransactions and the links to gambling activities, and find out how to identify gaming and gambling related harm. This section includes support materials to establish healthy balances and set boundaries for your family.

Information & Support for Secondary Ages 15-18

As young people prepare for independent living, explore online play along with the increased opportunities to legally gamble, and get a better understanding of how to recognise the related harms. Provide your children with tools to establish a healthy online/offline balance and build resilience as they start to gain independence.

Helpful Activities

Keeping your children entertained away from online play can be difficult. Here are some activities for
your child to do either alone or with others, helping them build resilience and establish a healthy online/offline balance.

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