Video Games Glossary

At YGAM, we know that understanding the games your children play, the jargon they use to describe them and the potential benefits and issues that they cause can be incredibly challenging.

Our video games glossary is designed to help you understand different types of games, the mechanics they use and the meaning behind many popular gaming phrases to help you better engage with your child’s gaming and help create healthy gaming boundaries at home. Each entry includes handy advice for parents explaining how they may play a part in your child’s wellbeing, understand their frustrations and how they could positively or negatively affect your screen – time management.


Providing parents with the information to better understand why children game and what those PEGI ratings mean.


De-mystifying the world of gaming with guides to the games your children play and the language they use whilst playing.


Supporting parents, looking at how to spot the signs of harm, how to set safety controls and how to speak to your child and keep them safe.