Safety Controls Checklist

Knowing what needs to be set on devices can sometimes feel overwhelming. To support parents we have put together a simple checklist of topics to explore with regards to ensuring your child’s device(s) have safe control measures.

There are a number of checks parents can make to ensure their child stays safe when playing games or apps either online or offline.

Consoles, tablets and mobile phones all have slightly different safety settings. We have put together some top safety tips looking at the main settings to support you. You may need to check these settings on your broadband and each separate device

Have I set up a password to access the device and any games or apps?

Is the player name appropriate

  • TIP – A good username should be random and NOT include any personal details such as date of birth etc

Who can view my child’s personal details and who can engage with my child?

  • TIP – you can choose from anyone, just friends, just contacts etc when deciding who can engage with your child

Are location settings deactivated to stop people being able to see where my child is playing?

Have time limits been set on devices to control how much screen time?

Have controls for purchasing games/apps/microtransactions been set on each device?

TIP – you can set passwords, age limits or parent authorisation to download any additional content

Have parental controls on all devices your child(ren) plays on with been set up?

(TIP – some channels have automatic play features so even if your child has searched for something suitable the next video to play may be unsuitable if no content or age settings are made) 

Help Guides

How the Xbox Family Settings App Works

How To: Set PS4 parental controls

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Further information

For further information and step-by-step guides, please visit:

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