Advice to Parents: Identifying potential signs of gaming related harm.

Staying home is the best thing we can all do to stem the spread of Covid-19 but this brings its own struggles as parents deal with a heady mix of anxiety and youthful energy, making gaming feel like both a blessing and a curse.  It can offer much-needed distraction, but something that can serve as an activity to relieve boredom or a way of socialising with friends can turn soon […]

Advice to Parents: 5 top tips for a healthy gaming balance

The world is experiencing something completely new right now which no-one has gone through before.  Who would have thought when we saw in the New year and looked ahead at 2020 the vision would be stuck indoors, trying to juggle working and home schooling? Much has been made in the news of the amount of […]

Advice to Parents: Understanding and controlling in-app purchasing

During lockdown, there has been a significant rise in the amount of time people are playing online. Reports of the volume of weekly games sales has increases by 40-60% during lockdown, whilst Steam, one of the largest PC-gaming platforms, hit a new record with nearly 20.7 million players actively gaming or chatting at the same time […]