Information & Support

The online world is ever changing and it can be difficult for you to keep on top of the activities your children choose to engage in.

Following research and working with parents and young people, we have looked at the main issues and concerns around gaming and gambling to provide relevant information on both subjects, developing a range of resources to inform and educate you on the two topics and helping you and your family make safe and healthy choices.

Primary Aged Children

To support parents and carers around online play, we have developed a hub of informative resources. Explore online gaming and why your child engages with gaming, the link between microtransactions and gambling, how your child is exposed to gambling, identifying related harms and implementing safe and healthy boundaries.

Secondary Ages 11-14

Children are growing up in a technical world and are able to navigate the internet with ease. Explore online gaming, microtransactions and the links to gambling activities and identifying gaming and gambling related harm. This section includes support materials to establish healthy balances and set boundaries for your family.

Secondary Ages 15-18

As young people get older they want greater independence. Explore online play, understand the increased access to legal gambling activities and recognise how to spot the signs of gaming and gambling related harm. Provide your child with tools to establish a healthy online/offline balance and build resilience so that they can make informed decisions.