Gaming Information for Secondary Ages 11-14

Information and Support

The online world is ever changing and it can be difficult for parents and carers to keep on top of the activities their children choose to engage in. We have developed a range of informative pieces around gaming and gambling to inform and educate you on these topics and help you make safe and healthy choices for your family.

What is Gaming?

An animation looking at how gaming has developed over the years, the style of games young people engage in and the attraction of online play.

Why do People Game?

A document looking the draw of online play. Using the voices of young people to better understand the enjoyment they get playing online, this provides an insight into their world.

Setting online game limits

An animation looking at how to set effective time limits for online play.

Game Briefs

Document looking at some of the most popular games to provide you with information on content and microtransactions, along with information to help you set boundaries.

Brain development and gaming

An animation looking at how the brain develops to understand a child's reactions.

Brain development and gaming

An animation looking at how the brain develops and linking in with online play.

Gamer Styles

A look at the different style of gamers to gain an understanding of why your child participates in gaming activities, along with identifying potential problematic behaviours when playing online.

Understanding Addiction

An informative document looking at addiction and gaming addiction to help parents understand the topic further.

Spotting the Signs

Document looking at signs of problematic behaviours whilst gaming A document to help parents identify potential signs of problematic behaviour when gaming

Chatting to Your Child

Some tips and conversation starters to help you speak to your children around gaming, gambling and the potential harms.

Setting Boundaries

Tips to look at how to set boundaries and create a healthy online/offline balance.

Responding to Emotions

Document offering advice and support for dealing with your children's changing emotions.

Practical Solutions

Practical tips and activities for young people to do to help regulate their emotions and spend more time offline.

Effects of Online Gaming

Interactive activity looking at the effects of online gaming