Gaming Information & Support for Primary-Aged Children

Why Do Children Game?

To help you understand more around online play, we have developed a hub of informative resources.
Explore gaming online, understand why your children game and how to identify problematic behaviours. Learn how to set boundaries and have conversations with your children to build their resilience and encourage a healthy online/offline balance.


Animation to introduce gaming, looking at how it has developed over the years and what is available for your child. Animation looking at in-app purchases to provide a deeper understanding on what they are, how they work and why your child is so engaged in purchasing.

Why Children Game

Helping parents to understand the pull of gaming for their child, this document has used the voice of young people to look at gaming from their perspective. Why they enjoy playing online and choose to engage in online play.  This will provide an insight to their world, views and feelings.

Setting online game limits


Animation looking at how to set effective time limits for online play.


Game Briefs

A quick guide to some of the most popular games to help parents understand what their child is playing, looking at in-app purchases and information to help set safety boundaries.

Brain development and gaming

An animation looking at how the brain develops to understand a child's reactions.

Brain development and gaming

An animation looking at how the brain develops and linking in with online play.


Gamer Styles

Document looking at how people approach gaming to give you an insight into how your child may view online play.

Understanding Addiction

An informative document looking at addiction and gaming addiction to help parents understand the topic further.

Spotting the Signs

Document looking at the physical and emotional signs of someone displaying problematic behaviours when playing online. This will help parents gain an insight into the signs so they can be aware and provide support for their children.

Talking to Your Child

Document providing conversation starters and ideas to encourage discussing the topic of the potential harms of online play, gambling and understanding risk.

Practical Solutions

An exercise to help your children identify their behaviours, spot any potential harms and implement safe practices.

Triggers and Actions

Document helping your children identify when they are spending too long playing online.


Effects of onling gaming

Interactive activity looking at the effects of online gaming.