Digital detox

  • The average Briton will check their phone more than 10,000 times in a year
  • Over 4,000 times will be out of habit
  • We unlock our phones 28 times each day, accessing apps 12 times and spend on average 58 minutes checking our devices
  • Over 1/3 of smart phone users describe themselves as addicted to checking their device.

People feel compelled to check in on social media, with the average Brit having 2 social media apps on their phone

With these stats in mind, showcasing how adults are with their phones, is it any wonder that young people are engrossed?

Most parents worry how long their child spends online a day and the effect it has on their child, yet do they have the same worry for themselves?

When chatting to our children about creating a healthy balance, do we have a case of “do what I say not what I do?”

If you were to keep a diary of how long you spend on-line – would it be much different to how long your child does…or even more? As the stats above show, we subconsciously scroll through our phones often out of habit, to check messages, look through social media, read emails, send emails, look through photos, participate in an app – on public transport, sat in our lunch breaks, waiting in queues, waiting for our kids, relaxing at night, whilst watching tv. What would happen if we lost our phone would strike a genuine fear in some people.

So maybe, as we look at creating a healthy on-line/off-line balance, we look at leading by example.

Whether it be setting some house rules, or making small changes such as no gadgets at the table, lets take time to look at where we can scale back time spent on-line and look to use it on other things. Try some of these examples;

  • Not picking up your phone as soon as you wake up.
  • Leaving gadgets in a different room at the dinner table and engaging in family chat.
  • Have an hour free gadget time during the weekend – what could you do with your time instead?
  • Go for a family walk – and leave phones behind
  • Not scrolling through your phone last thing at night. Or after a certain time in the evenings.

See how these small changes work for you and your family. You might be surprised.

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