Body scan

Helping to identify how our body is feeling and when you might need to take a break.

Playing online can be fun, but your child can become totally engrossed and forget to take a break or look after their bodies. These exercises help young people understand their body better.

Exercise 1

Start from the top of their head and work down to their toes. What signs could their body display to tell them they need to take a break? What could this mean and what actions can they take?


My head hurts – is it a headache? Could this be because you are too close to the screen or you have been playing too long? You may need to take a break to rest your eyes and get some fresh air or have a drink as you are dehydrated.

Exercise 2

Younger children may need help identifying how their body could be affected. This simple exercise gets them thinking and they will have a better understanding of what they can do to help themselves.

If my eyes hurt I need to….

If my head hurts I need to …

If I get pins and needles I need to…

If my tummy is rumbling I need to…

If my mouth feels dry I need to…

Exercise 3

Another activity suitable for younger people. Speak to your child about how they may need to look after their body whilst playing online. Discuss how too much screen time can make their eyes and head hurt, and the importance of having regular breaks, having a drink and going to the toilet.

Ask them what they can do to remember to look after their body, putting in place a plan including visual reminders.


When was the last time I had a drink?

Do I need to go to the toilet?

Does my body need a BIG stretch?

How long have I been playing? Do I need to take a break?

Don’t forget to have a drink!

Do some stretches!

Go to the toilet!

Take a break!

NoteInclude any issues they may not think about but could affect their body to help raise their awareness. Topics such as muscle cramps, bladder issues due to holding on for the toilet, pins and needles etc.

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