Information Around Gambling for Secondary Ages 11-14

Young people are increasingly exposed to gambling at a younger age thanks to the growing number of gambling-style games and activities. To support you, we have developed a range of documents enabling you to hold conversations with your children aimed at preventing them from gambling-related harm.

Gambling and the Law

Introduction to gambling, looking at legislation and activities young people can participate in legally.

Young People and Gambling

Looking at the different opportunities young people have to gamble, this document provides tips on how young people can stay safe.

Microtransactions and Gambling

Exploring the link between microtransactions and gambling. This document helps parents identify the similarities between microtransactions and gambling, looking at the odds of winning in certain activities in order to educate your child.

Advertising and Gambling

With advertising all around us, this document highlights how young people are exposed to gambling companies through the power of advertising and the influence this can have on their decision making. This can help you speak with your children around what they notice, along with their thoughts and attitudes to the topic.


With Advertising all around us, this animation highlights how young people are exposed to gambling advertising.

Signs of Gambling-Related Harm

Document looking at the physical and emotional signs of someone displaying harmful behaviours when participating in gambling activities. This will give parents a better understanding of the signs and an awareness of how to best support their children.

Triggers and Consequences

A document looking at the potential triggers that lead to young people choosing to gamble along with the potential consequences of their actions. Helpful for: Parents to identify triggers and look at long term consequences of gambling.

Useful Tips

Looking at ideas to help discuss gambling with your child so they can engage in these activities in a safe manner. If you are worried your child is becoming involved in gambling, this document also looks at conversation starters.

The Bigger Picture

It can be tricky for young people to understand how the gambling industry works and how this can affect young people. This document helps young people to explore the gambling industry, looking at the probability different events happening. This can help parents to explore potential issues with their child.