Gambling Information & Support for Primary-Aged Children

Despite most forms of gambling requiring you to be aged 18, the ever-growing popularity and availability of online activities means young people are increasingly exposed to gambling. This section explores the risks children face and offers advice on how to discuss the subject and prevent gambling-related harm.

Gambling and the Law

Introduction to gambling, looking at legislation and activities children can participate in.

Young People and Gambling

Helping parents understand how children are increasingly exposed to gambling and gambling-style activities and how accessible both can be.

Microtransactions and Gambling

Document exploring the links between microtransactions and gambling, looking at the similarities between the two and helping you understand why they are so appealing to young people.

Advertising and Gambling

Advertising is everywhere. This document highlights how young people are exposed to gambling companies through the power of advertising, how advertising helps normalise gambling activities and how to discuss the effect of gambling advertising with your children.


With advertising all around us, this animation highlights how young people are exposed to gambling advertising.

Educating Your Child

It can be hard to know how to start conversations around gambling with a young person. This document looks at how to explore the subject and give them a better understanding of the potential risks.

Engaging with Your Child

There are many aspects of gambling your children may already engage with. This document looks at how to conduct conversations around certain subjects, such as potential harms, microtransactions, peer pressure and choice of gambling activities, to educate and inform your child.