Information Around Gambling for Secondary Ages 15-18

As children grow up they are presented with more and more opportunities, with gambling and gambling-style activities more readily available, both online and offline. This section explores these activities to enable you to speak to your children about the risks and potential harm.

Gambling and the law

As young people can participate in more gambling opportunities this document looks at the legislation around gambling activities.

Young People and Gambling

This document gives you an insight into the ways young people are exposed to gambling, how gambling becomes more accessible to this age group and the opportunities young people have to gamble.

Microtransactions and Gambling

Document looking at the links between microtransactions and gambling, exploring the similarities between the two and the odds of winning various microtransactions in online games.

Advertising and Gambling

Advertising is everywhere and young people are exposed to gambling content through apps, online play, sports and TV. This document highlights how this can normalise gambling and provides support to hold conversations to discuss the impact of advertising with your children.


With Advertising all around us, this animation highlights how young people are exposed to gambling advertising.

Signs of Gambling-Related Harm

As young people become engaged in gambling activity this document highlights the signs of gambling-related harm, both on a physical and emotional level.

Triggers and Consequences

A document looking at the potential triggers for young people that can attract them to gamble, helping parents understand the availability and ease, along with identifying potential issues. Learn about the potential consequences which can make good conversation starters with your children to inform them of the longer-term effects.

Establishing the Right Balance

As your children can participate in more gambling activities legally, they may wish to explore these opportunities. This document helps identify ways for young people to establish the right balance along with understanding the potential harms.

Gambling: The Big Picture

As your children explore gambling activities, this document looks at how the industry works, the odds of winning versus the amount spent, providing conversation and activity ideas to give them a better understanding of the environment around them.

Helpful Tips

For parents worrying about their children's activity, this document looks at ideas to start discussions, helping them monitor their behaviour.