Activities for Primary Aged Children

Activities for your child to build resilience and establish a healthy online/offline balance

Keeping your children entertained away from online play can be difficult. Here are some activities for your child to do, activities to do with your child and activities to educate and support your child to build their resilience and establish a healthy online/offline balance.

Talking to your child

Some tips and conversation starters to chat to your child around gaming, gambling and potential harms.

Striking the balance

Looking at activities and ideas to support your child. Ideas and activities your children can do aside from online play

Providing Healthy Alternatives

Looking at alternative play to online games to create a healthy balance

Family Contract templates

A range of templates to help you and your family arrange a family contract to set boundaries and create a healthy online/offline balance

Enjoying Family Time

Activity ideas for all the family to enjoy and get involved in

Body Scan

Exercises to help children identify when they spend too much time online and implement practices to help.

Five Point Scale

This activity helps children to identify their emotions whilst they are playing online and look at ways they can control their emotions in a safe manner

Outside Activities

Activity ideas for you child to do outside

Digital Detox

Thought provoking document looking at challenging our attachment to our digital resources