About The Parent Hub and YGAM

The Parent Hub

YGAM aim to create information for parents to raise their awareness around the potential harms of gaming and gambling. In line with their values we aim to;

Educate parents around gaming, in-app purchases and gambling.  To understand how online play can create potential harms for their child/ren and look at the blurred lines between gaming and gambling.

Inform parents of ways to build their child’s resilience in both the online and offline world, to create a healthy balance and provide resources for parents to engage with their child/ren.

Safeguard their children by implementing safety controls for online play and general awareness of being safe and resilient in their environment.


YGAM have developed their resources through evidence based research; working with young people to hear their views with listening to what parents have said they want in terms of information and support.

In todays busy world parents can feel overwhelmed and unsure of the constantly advancing technology their children seem to so readily understand.  YGAM are keen to provide simple, usable resources for parents to grasp the wonderful online world and enable them to have honest and open communications with their child/ren around these topics.


Who are YGAM?

The Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) is a national charity with a social purpose to inform, educate, safeguard and build digital resilience amongst young and vulnerable people. Helping them to make informed decisions and understand the consequences around gambling and gaming.

This is achieved through evidence-led, evaluated and accredited education programmes and resources for anyone that works with or cares for young and vulnerable people, including teachers, youth workers, community volunteers and mental health specialists. YGAM also works closely with universities and students to raise awareness of problematic gambling and gaming across campus.

The charity was set up in 2014, following Lee, Anne and Keith’s devastating experiences with problem gambling.  Watch our Founders’ Stories to hear about the impact gambling has had on their lives and why they are so passionate about safeguarding young and vulnerable people.

What We Offer

Information & Support for Primary Aged Children

To help you understand more around online play, we have developed a hub of informative resources. Explore gaming online, understand why your child engages with gaming and how to identify problematic behaviours.

Information and support for Secondary Ages 11-14

Children are growing up in a technical world and are able to navigate the internet with ease. Explore online play and the choices available for your child with our resources providing information and support.

Information and support for Secondary Ages 15-18

Young people are preparing for independence and continue to engage in online activities. Explore their choices of activities online and in-app purchases with our resources providing information and support.


Primary Aged Children

A selection of activities for parents who have primary aged school children. These have been developed to help provide you with tools and techniques to create a healthy online/offline balance.

Secondary Ages 11-14

As young people start to get their own phones and easier access to the online world it can be tricky to establish a healthy online/offline balance. We have designed some activities for your child to engage in, helping to build resilience and find alternatives to online play.

Secondary Ages 15-18

Helping young people to establish a healthy balance between the online and offline world can be tricky. We have designed some activities for your child to engage in, helping to build their resilience and prepare for independent life.